K-12 Enrollment Process

  1. Parent/Student interview with Administration
  2. Entrance Testing for New Students (grades K-12)
    • An entrance examination is required for all prospective students
    • Testing is an aid in determining the suitability of enrollment and placement in our program.  It is a tool utilized by the school to assist the parents in determining the very best placement of their student to ensure the highest opportunity for student academic success.
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  3. Submission of properly completed enrollment forms
  4. Payment of Fees (all fees are non-refundable)
    • Click here for Golden Eagle Preschool Tuition/Fees, or continue below for information on Grades K-12
    • Application Fee (due at time of testing)
      • $30.00/family  ~ one-time fee (K-12)
    • Annual Registration Fee (due by 1st day of school, or as soon as you want to hold your spot)
      • New Students
        1. $300.00 (if paid by May 31st for upcoming fall semester)
        2. $325.00 (if paid between June 1st & July 31st for upcoming fall semester) 
        3. $350.00 (if paid August 1st or after for upcoming or current school year) 

Note:  If you have already registered for the 2017-18 school year with another area Christian school, it’s not too late to change your mind!  Just bring proof of your payment and we will honor it towards 2017-18 registration with GCS!

      • Returning Students
        1. $250.00 (if paid by March 1st for upcoming fall semester)
        2. $275.00 (if paid by March 31st for upcoming fall semester)
        3. $300.00 (if paid by May 31st for upcoming fall semester)
        4. $325.00 (if paid between June 1st & July 31st for upcoming fall semester)
        5. $350.00 (if paid August 1st or after for upcoming or current school year) 
    • Annual Book Usage Fee (due by student’s 1st day of school)
      • Grades K-6:  $175.00/student
      • Grades 7-12:  $190.00/student
    • Annual Campus Technology Fee (due by December 15th, or at time of enrollment if enrolling after this date)
      • $80.00/student