International Student Program

GCS is an approved SEVIS school, authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students.

GCS defines an International Student as a 9th-12th grade student that desires to attend school in the United States, but will be living here without their own parents and who require an I-20 to obtain an F-1 Visa.  International students are only accepted through a placement agency.  None may be enrolled directly with GCS.


About the Program

The purpose of the Grandview Christian School (GCS) International Student Program (ISP) is to equip International students to successfully attend the College or University of their choice while at the same time giving them the greatest opportunity to have a life long relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our academic preparation program has several aspects to ensure the International student has the highest opportunity to be successful in their pursuit of higher education. The aspects of our academic program are as follows:

  1. They attend all appropriate grade level classes as required to graduate from GCS.
  2. At the discretion of GCS Administration, the student will attend an Enhanced Preparatory English class. This class is designed to work with the individual student to improve their English writing skills. The teacher works at the grade level of English fundamentals to bring each student to their appropriate high school writing level.  They work within all of the academic disciplines to ensure writing competency in all disciplines needed at the collegiate level.
  3. At the sole discretion of GCS Administration, the student may be required to attend a summer school English class. The primary focus of this class is to develop strong inter-disciplinary writing skills. The teacher works with the students as a group and individually to build fundamental grammar competency and to use proper grammar in a variety of writing environments.
  4. At the discretion of GCS Administration the student may be assigned to work one on one with a tutor. The tutor may work with the student in a specific discipline or in multiple disciplines based upon the specific needs of the student.

This program will equip international students for high levels of success at major U.S. colleges and universities. Having reviewed our program we have a number of private colleges that will accept our international students based on our diploma and a letter from GCS Administration, regardless of the outcome of SAT or ACT test scores.


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International Students

International Student Tuition & Fees

  • Contact your placement organization or the school office for more information

Once you are ready to enroll, this International Admission Application Packet, and payment of the registration fee, will be required before we can begin the process of issuing an I-20 so that you may obtain the appropriate Visa to attend our school.  The application packet, all necessary documents, and fees should be provided to the placement agency that you are using and they will then provide them to the school once everything is in order.

Host Families

Host families do receive a living expense stipend for having an international student in their home

  • If you are interested in being a host family, please contact the school office for further details.

Host families are required to complete this Host Family Admission Packet for each international student that is residing with you.  This packet is required each school year that the student resides with you.