Athletic Standards / Code of Conduct

Athlete Standards

  • The Christian athlete should exhibit an intense desire to improve without having to be forced.
  • The Christian athlete must be fully committed to this ministry, games and practice.
  • During the heat of competition, the Christian athlete must maintain self-control.  During this time many people watch to see if Christ has made a difference in the Christian athlete….Instead, be filled with (controlled by) the Spirit.
  • The Christian athlete should do nothing to discredit self, their family, team or school during or apart from an athletic event.
  • The Christian athlete always shows respect to ALL at ALL times.

Athletic Code of Conduct

  • The athlete’s conduct is always a credit to the Lord and to the school, on the athletic field and in the community.
  • The athlete recognizes and abides by the coach’s particular rules and procedures as approved by the Athletic Director.  Parents receive these rules and guidelines prior to the beginning of each sport season.
  • The athlete abides by the authority of the coach at all times.
  • The athlete shows respect to all those in authority.
  • The athlete obeys all rules set by the school and complies with the spirit and letter of the rules, year round, including summer break.
  • The athlete does not use alcohol, drugs, or tobacco or attend parties where these are present.
  • Music that is played in the locker room, gym or anywhere else on campus must have prior approval from the Athletic Director.
  • The athlete cares for the equipment (uniform included) issued and complies with all instructions that may accompany it.  Such equipment is worn only on the athletic field/court, not to school or in the community unless the Athletic Director gives special permission.  Lost or misused equipment is replaced at the player’s expense.  At the end of the season the athlete turns in all equipment on the date requested.  If after seven (7) days, the equipment is not returned, the athlete is billed for the equipment, unless otherwise approved by the Athletic Director.
  • The athlete does not participate or practice in any athletic event on the day absent from school for more than half a day, unless involved with school administration permission.
  • Athletes must also be at school by 9:00 AM to play or practice.
  • The athlete is aware of and maintains academic eligibility.
  • Any student receiving out-of-school suspension or in-school suspension will not be allowed to practice or participate in any extracurricular activities the day/s of suspension.
  • The athlete adheres to the philosophy and standards for Christian athletes as described in this handbook.
  • The athlete adheres to the philosophy and standards for GCS students as described in the GCS Student-Parent Handbook.