School Information

Address:  12340 Grandview Rd, Grandview, MO  64030
Phone:  816.767.8630
Fax:  816.763.5029

Administration/Office Contacts

     Administrative Staff

Tripp_Mrs._7 Duewel_Mrs._62
Mrs. Nita Tripp Mrs. Lila Duewel       
Administrator  Principal Receptionist
Athletic Secretary
Athletic Secretary

     Office Staff

Holmes_Mrs._40 Myers_Miss_74
Mrs. Angie Holmes Miss Vanessa Myers       
Receptionist  Receptionist
Athletic Secretary
Athletic Secretary


School Office

Hours:  7:45am-4:00pm, M-F, August-May

              9:00am-3:00pm, T/W/Th, June-July


    • All parents are welcome in the school, but they must first check in at the office and receive a visitor’s badge before entering the hallways or student areas.
      • No parent is to go directly to the classroom!
      • If a parent desires to speak with their child’s teacher, the parent should arrange for a private conference with the teacher via a Sycamore P.A.N. or by calling the school office.
        • Teachers are happy to arrange for such conferences at scheduled times; however, they should not be detained either before or after school, unless an appointment has been scheduled for that time.

Deliveries for Students

    • Lunches, homework, books, and other items may be left in the school office to be delivered to a student.

Student Phone Calls

    • No phone calls will be made by the students during school hours.
      • All emergency calls will be made by teachers or administration.
      • Except in emergency circumstances, neither students nor teachers will be contacted in class to receive phone calls.  Please feel free to leave a message with the school secretary.  Your message will be passed on during class breaks.