Student Life

We believe that extra-curricular activities round out academics.  We believe each club, team, and council give students an opportunity to learn about their peers in a non-academic setting.  Friendships that can last a lifetime often bloom in this setting.  Activities are offered for both individual and group participation.  Students are able to pursue their personal interests with our extra-curricular offerings, which include the following:

  • Fall, Winter, & Spring SportsVolleyball, Basketball, Cheer/Yell Leading, Soccer, Track
  • Academic Meet
  • ClubsYearbook, Dance or Robotics (depends on sponsorship)
  • Fine Arts: Dinner Theatres, Music/Dramatic Productions, Art/Music Competitions
  • StuCo

Note:   Students are not to remain in the building between the end of school and the beginning of any event that is scheduled to start after 4:00 p.m. unless specifically instructed to do so by a sponsor.  Please make arrangements for your children whenever this regulation dictates.