Golden Eagle Preschool Tuition/Fees

Golden Eagles Preschool LogoEnrollment Fees (Due Yearly / Non-Refundable)

  • Application Fee (due at time of application) 
    • $30/student
  • Registration Fee(due to reserve student’s spot in the class)
    • $50/student
  • Book/Supplies Fee (due prior to student’s 1st day of school)
    • $160/student


  • Multiple Student Discounts are Available (including K-12 students also)
  • Pre-payment Discounts are Available
  • Contact School Office for More Information Regarding Tuition

Payment Plans

  • Annual
    • A 5% discount will be given for pre-payment of annual tuition amount, but only if paid in full by August 10th
  • Monthly
    • Tuition may be paid in 10 equal installments via ‘automatic bank debit’ or ‘recurring credit card’, unless another form of payment is agreed upon at the time of registration
    • The first tuition payment is due by August 1st and the 1st of each month thereafter, unless another due date was agreed upon at the time of registration
  • Other Payment Frequencies
    • Tuition may also be paid Semi-monthly, Bi-Weekly, or Weekly if payments are made via ‘automatic bank debit’ or ‘recurring credit card’ and are agreed in advance by the school secretary
  • Other Fees
    • Late payment Fee
      • A $20.00 late payment fee will automatically apply for each tuition payment that is not received by the 1st of the month, or other agreed upon due date
      • To avoid late fees, arrangements must be made with office personnel PRIOR to the due date
    • NSF Service Fee
      • A $20.00 service fee will automatically apply for ANY payment via check or automatic bank debit that is returned by your bank, no matter the reason
      • Replacement payment for returned item, along with the $20.00 service fee is immediately due and payable via guaranteed funds

Past Due Balances Note:

  • All accounts for the previous year must be settled before enrollment is permitted for the new school year
  • Additionally, all account balances must be settled before any records are released (i.e. transfer of records when moving to a new school)